Distraction, its an art! eh, not really. . .

March 15, 2009

life summed up in one word right now: Distraction! Work, School, Music, Life! Wait! isnt that 5 words, damn, I digress already.

A little about me, My name is Morgan. I’m 22 years old. I’m a Respiratory Therapy student, soon to be graduate! I’m a respiratory therapy assistant at my local hospital, also working in the food service department in the meantime, I’m a music lover, I love to be with family, I LOVE coffee (it definitely deserves its own food group), and beer for that matter, I love to be outside, I’m a hard worker, and, eh, I live with congenital heart disease every day of my life.

what’s up today? Right now life is crazy, school is crazy, work is crazy, my car is filthy (I bet you couldnt count the number of respiratory books I’ve got in that little beetle on 2 hands! that might be why my gas mileage went down at the beginning of this semester) today I took a break, I chilled out this morning and took care of some odds and ends, I took my practice RRT exam and got an 82 without even doing the math! Woo hoo! I should be safe for this week as far as various extra stuff going on now, and I even got the grocery shopping done! It’s nice to have a couple days off, I havent seen two days off back to back in. . . eh. . . a really long time, I dont even remember! The next time I see that will be March 26th. . .

One of the reasons I started this blog, among many others, is to chronicle my experiences, one of the biggest things on my mind lately is my upcoming Electrophysiology study and Ablation, and one of the biggest things I have noticed in getting ready for this procedure is that there isnt enough information about the actual experience of going through it, so I was hoping to help some people by detaling what its like to actually go through it for people. Right now that means the mental and emotional preparations, its alot to deal with at any age, but being 22 years old, and being told they are gonna snake a catheter up from yor groin, into your heart, and burn pieces of your heart into submission is freaky! Add to that being a medical professional, I see shitty things happen every day, and as a respiratory therapist, most of what I see is when things go wrong. . . that results in some pretty funky head trips, I cant even explain some of the dreams I have had!

My answer: Distraction, its not hard to do with work and school, but my favorite form is music! My goal right now is to make myself a new playlist on i tunes, as someone who deals with medical appointments and stuff, I’ve learned one trick, given to me by a fellow adult congenital heart patient: reward yourself! so, thats what I’ve been doing, I’ve been buying new music on i tunes, I cant believe it, I still havent exhausted the list of music I like from the 90’s! that added to the pair of pajamas I bought to wear to the hospital, I should be all set! The trick is to keep at it between now and the 26th. . . shouldnt be too hard, I seem to be pretty good at it!



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