crazy week!

March 21, 2009

this week has been absolutely nuts!

for clinical I was with the charge therapist, and it was busy, and boring at the same time, a bipap in the ER and an RSV slide on a baby in the ER and helping out on the intensive care units(ICUs) pediatric ICU and surgical ICU were particularly busy this week, with pediatric ICU taking the cake! a bunch of really sick babies hanging around there this week, but otherwise basically a couple mundane days at clinical. . . running my ass off!!!

on tuesday I went out as a tradition with my mother, her boyfriend, and a couple friends to see a couple Irish bands play, we had a couple beers and ate some pizza. . . american flatbread is freaking awesome! all in all, it was an awesome night, I cant believe I caught a buzz off from a beer and a half though!

Thursday I had class and I did pretty damned good on the last test that I took, I got a 100! right now I am carrying a 96 in my cardiopulm disease class, woo hoo!

other than that things are pretty good went to costcos today, its amazing how fast you can spin through 200 bucks there!

Hopefully I took my last dose of diltiazem today. . . Whats that? oh yea, diltiazem or “dilt” is a calcium channel blocker, it slows the signals from the top of the heart to the bottom of the heart, basically (almost) preventing the arrhythmia that I am having. . . I said almost, that’s why I’m having the EPS and ablation. . . hopefully the next few days are not too bad, cause I have to stop the meds a few days ahead of time so they are able to start up the arrhythmia. . . during the procedure they actually have to cause the arrhythmia so they can map it and see where its coming from, this will help them figure out where to ablate it and stop it from happening, having meds on board to prevent the arrhythmia doesnt help this cause. . . problem is that I could have issues with having the arrhythmias again between now and then, I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed, hopefully it wont be too bad, hopefully its worth it and I’ll never have to touch the stuff again, I hate taking pills!

well, its time to go catch up on some Z’s may be the last chance I have to get a good nights sleep in a while!



well, its time to go catch up on some sleep


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