off the dilt! crazy clinical day!

March 24, 2009


I’m going to tempt the fates by saying this, but I went off the dilt cold turky on saturday. . . and it could be better, but it hasnt been too bad! I’ve had a few short spells, less than a minute or two or five 😉 of tachycardia at a time, few more than normal random palpitations, and one crazy headache saturday evening (questioning if its from not taking the dilt or not) but other than that I’m kinda sorta almost wondering why I am going in for the procedure on thursday, I know as soon as I start wondering I’ll have something kick me back to reality, but still!!! I only have 2 days left and life is good, I could get used to not swallowing that horse pill! I just hope they are able to induce this thing on thursday, the fact that I havent really had much going on makes me nervous almost, really, I know, they’ll get it! I have to remember, before I went on the dilt I’d have a week or two at a time without anything crazy happen, then it would hit me all at once. . .  and it knocked me flat on my ass a few times, literally! so we’ll see how the next two days are, I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to get it, its just finiky!


clinical, thats another story, speaking of tempting fates! seems like today putting my sills advanced RT exam prep guide on the front seat of my car was enough to piss Murphy off. . . today started out with a couple RSV slides in the ER and it went from there, the neonatal ICU was Nutz with a capitol N, on the way up there we got called to a code 99, someone passed out in one of the outpatient clinics, and no one was able to find them, so we get there to find that everything’s ok, and after the 10 mins we spent searching for the code they didnt really need us anyways. . .  we head down to the basement to get some equipment for the ER, bring it down and on the way back from  the ER I saw my EP doc. . . so much for forgetting about my procedure while I’m at clinical, so then we head back up to the NICU to help the therapists up there out (they had to attend a birth of a 26 week preemie) and I see my pediatric cardiologist! holy crap! little freaky seeing him in the clinical aspect of things, no matter how many times I’ve seen him outside of being in his office to see him (even after I’ve switched to an adult cardiologist). . . so, while we are covering NICU we get called to the ER for an intubation. . . eh, we’re stuck up here with a bunch of sick babies on ventilators! so my preceptor calls another therapist to go cover, by the time we got to the ER the guy was intubated, and they were doing an endoscopy, they guy bled out almost 2 liters out of his esophagus! holy cow! by the time we stabilized this guy it was 10 of 3 and time for me to go! talk about a day!


moral of the story, I think I’ll grab the sills and put it back on the kitchen table before I leave in the AM!


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