holy. . . what? its been 6 months

September 17, 2009


Ok, I know I’ve been neglecting this blog. Its been a hard 6 months, and I know, I have yet to post my experience of my ablation. . . I’m working on a narrative for that. In the mean time I’ll post a synopsis of the last 6 months or so. . .

March 26th I had my ablation, it was very successful, I spent over 6 very uncomfortable hours on the table, but as I told my cardiologist today, I’d do it 100 times over for the results I have gotten so far. I spent spring break recovering.

The beginning of April I returned to school after spring break was over and finished out the program in May graduating magna cum laude. I also bought a bike in april, and decided I was going to ride in the local triathalon “Bay Day”, The third big thing in April was my followup with my EP cardiologist, he was really happy with the results of the ablation, and he cut me loose, I only need to call him if I have issues

In May, right after graduation (read: 2 days after graduating) I started working as a respiratory therapist  at my current job

In June I passed my certification, and got my state liscence for respiratory therapy, I also came down with a nasty cold and a case of bronchitis and ended up having an asthma attack for over a month off and on, things were pretty yucky for a while. . .

In July I began seeing an asthma doc who has made a huge difference in helping me tame my asthma, we got things back under control, I also rode a 12 mile bike race less than 4 months after my ablation. I also passed my registry exam, I am now practicing as a registered respiratory therapist (RRT)

August was pretty uneventful besides a doctors appt or two, and my family reunion

September is going great so far. I just saw my adult congenital cardiologist today and it went great, he cut me loose for two years, he said my murmer sounds about the same and that I look great, he will see me in 2 years and do an echo then. . . who? wait! what, murmer??? about the same?. . . I’ll explain it more soon, I know I’ve mentioned congenital heart defects, I’ll get down and dirty with that soon, oh, yea, and the asthma thing? I’ll go there soon too. . .

Other than that my summer has been pretty uneventful. . . riiight, LOL!!!

I promise to be better at updating in the future

In the mean time I’m gonna finish my beer and go to bed


One Response to “holy. . . what? its been 6 months”

  1. kerri said

    Great blog, was pumped that you tweeted about updating it! I’m going to add you to my Reader and blogroll!

    Keep it up!

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