Feeling Like S#!%. . .

October 13, 2010


Figured I’d post a quick update, I’m not one to be a downer but the last few days I’ve felt really crappy, just not quite right. I realized yesterday when I went to the Dr’s office that I’ve had a fever for going on 4 days now! Uggh. . .  but other than just generally feeling blah, achy all over and not wanting to eat I cant figure out whats going on.

I have been to the dentist twice in the last two weeks, both times I took my pre-dental antibiotics, but considering my risk of endocarditis, this is the only thing I can think of thats causing me to feel so crappy.

So, back to the Dr’s appointment, they did some blood work, but other than the low grade fever and some pretty non-specific symptoms there’s nothing pointing in any specific direction. Hopefully we should get the results today and that should tell us where to go and what the next step is. Other than that, I am just going to lay low. Hopefully things will turn around soon!

I’ll post an update when I can!


One Response to “Feeling Like S#!%. . .”

  1. kerri said

    Hey Morgan, hang in there.

    And as always, I’m around if you wanna talk. ❤

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